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Uyanga Turmunkh

Welcome. I am a postdoctoral research fellow at the Erb Institute for Sustainable Enterprise, University of Michigan. I received my PhD in Behavioral Economics from Erasmus University of Rotterdam, where I learned theories of decision making and behavioral research methods from my advisers, Peter Wakker and Martijn van den Assem.

I have the ambition to improve people's treatment of their natural environment, by furthering our understanding of the determinants of individual and corporate decisions consequential for the environment. I am curious about the roles of beliefs and values in such decisions: how beliefs are formed and updated, how values are shaped, and how people make (or fail to make) tradeoffs between competing values in such decisions. My research relates to decision making under risk and uncertainty, decisions in situations of collective action dilemmas, learning, communication, and value elicitation and value measurement. At Erb, I study individual and corporate decisions under physical and policy uncertainties of climate change.